Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Midwest Cruise out

The fun continues at the Midwest Rendezvous with a few boats heading to St Paul. Pictured above is Jack Robert 37VT17 and Hjortie 37VT33 who joined Nellie D. 37VT63 down the St Croix River.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rendezvous Video

Here a fun video that Mike Dunn, Wally 41VT02, created during the 2016 West Coast Rendezvous Cruise Out.

Midwest Rendezvous Begins

The Midwest LNVT Rendezvous is underway.  Five tugs and 18 people are in attendance. The weather was perfect today and the day kicked off with a wonderful breakfast prepared by Dee and Lee Anderson Jack Robert 37VT17

Host Trevor Croteau, Hjortie 37VT33, dressed his boat for the LNVT parade up the St Croix.  Everyone on the river seemed to really enjoy seeing the tugs cruise by. 

The evening was a great success and all the attendees seemed to be enjoying the BBQ and the social at the St Croix club House.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Problem with LNVT Web Album Links

You may have noticed a problem with the links to the photo albums.  When you try to access the photos you are greeted with the annoying "404 Error".  The error is being caused by the fact that our links for all the LNVT Picasa Web albums are no longer by Google.   

We're working on fixing the problem.  In the meantime, you can get access to all your favorite photos on the fleet page via the "Photos" TAB at the top of the page [5th TAB, shown in white in the photo below].   If you wish to load any photos and you need help, now or anytime in the future, send them to either or and we'll get them loaded for you.  

[the link is:]

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tug Spotting ~ Thistle

Ed and MaryAnn have been cruising in the Chesapeake for the past few weeks aboard their LNVT (Thistle 37VT47).  When they arrived at Solomon Island, MD, Bob Allnutt (Victory 37VT02) drove from his home near St Mary's, MD to join them aboard.  Even the pups seemed to enjoy the visit!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chasing an Overheating Problem

From Nellie D. 37VT63 Crusing Blog
Dave Howell
Posted: 13 Sep 2016 08:19 PM PDT

The Waterlift Muffler's View When Looking Back, Through the Exhaust Hose, at the Engine's Raw Water Injection Elbow
The hose, pictured above, is rated at 250°F.  A few weeks ago, when cooling water didn't emerge from any of those 20 little holes, thanks to my bout of forgetfulness, 600°F engine exhaust, emerged from the large center hole and scorched the hose's interior. 
As dramatic as the failed hose looks, I doubt it's the gremlin causing the engine to currently overheat.  Needless to say, that scorched hose was replaced today.

The Stern Exhaust Hose, Removed from its Thruhull, with the 'Chimney Sweep' that's About to be Pulled Through it
My working theory for the overheating problem was that the exhaust hose was partially blocked by pieces of PVC which had melted out of the muffler.  Two other Lord Nelson tugs had this very thing happen.  The theory was shot down, however, when a 'chimney sweep' went through the 21' long hose unobstructed.  Darn.
When everything's ruled out and the problem remains, something has been overlooked.
Perhaps the gremlin is in one of the very first places we looked: the raw water thruhull.  In this case what was overlooked, or at least discounted, was the thruhull's low flow rate.   Using a waterhose and forcing water backwards through the thruhull improved the flow rate dramatically.
So, it appears that the over temp problem was a simple matter of marine growth or debris blocking the thruhull.  Darn, my melted PVC theory was so much more elegant...

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tug Spotting ~ Nellie D.

From Bicki Howell, Nellie D.

We're almost there...Our goal this year:  Have Nellie D. at the Midwest tug rendezvous in Hudson, WI (on the St Croix) this weekend.   Yesterday, after a 4200 miles journey, we arrived at Hansen's Harbor, Lake City, MN.  From here we'll be part of a small flotilla of three tugs traveling up the Mississippi and onto the St Criox for the fabulous event.

[That's Nellie D. 37VT63 next to Hjortie 37VT33]

Friday, September 9, 2016

LNVT Winter Doors

From Peter Reich, Teddy Bear 37VT15

Just made these out of 1/2" MDO (sign board) to replace the pilot house doors before covering boat.  And no, they are not the same, long before parts we made on CNC machine!  Now Teddy Bear's door can spend the winter in my heated shop and get proper varnishing.

No, that is not an LNVT prop leaning against my shop.  It is from one our ferries.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Something Similar to our LNVT

From Sally Seymour, Sally W 37VT42

Here's a 38 foot tug look-alike whose interior space is divided up in about the same proportions as our 37s. But that's where the similarity ends. The man is an artist and lives on the boat in the summer. It's an old salmon trawler from Vancouver.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Remind Oneself

 Starter Key on the Raw Water Strainer's Thruhull.  
John Niccolls (prior owner 37VT66) had some good advice: when you close the raw water strainer, leave the boat's starter key on the thruhull.  You may still forget to open the thruhull, but you won't be able to start the boat!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New anchor

Salty Paws 37VT66 eschews the Danforth look alike for the real thing.

☕️ For Coffee Lovers

When cruising, Jeanne Koenig and Bob Ewing, Salty Paws 37VT66, found a good way to make a single cup of coffee using a coffee pod, without starting up the generator. They use a MyJo. Simply heat water on the stove. Assemble the MyJo by placing the pod in the base. Attach the reservoir, which has a spout that will pierce the pod. Place the unit over a coffee mug. Pour in the water and pump. This product is available in many outlets, including Amazon. Price ranges from $13-$17.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Creating a Fender Board

Peter Reich, Teddy Bear 37VT15

Tropical Storm Hermine

From: John Mackie, John William, 37VT68 <>

Tropical Storm Hermine
Storm passed [Morehead City, NC] during the night I think.  Had lots of rain and a couple new leaks in the boat but all is well. Storm is well to the north in holding pattern off Virginia Beach.  Skies are clearing here but winds are around 25 from the West, strongest yet.  Plan on leaving tomorrow morning if they die down.

Tank Install - Jack Robert

From Lee Anderson, Jack Robert

Just some clean up to do and it is done. We will fill the tanks with the fuel I drained last fall, about 80 gallons split between sides, then verify there are no leaks. Bleed the fuel line to the engine. Go through the checklist for going in.   We will splash hopefully this weekend. Whoo hooooo! Then comes the cleaning.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tug Spotting in Maine

Castine , Maine, home of the Maine Maritime Academy, looks who's there...Sally W 37VT42 and Salty Paws 37VT66

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tug Spotting on the Mississippi

Lee Anderson, Jack Robert 37VT17, spotted Nellie D. 37VT63 on the internet camera at Lock #15 on the Mississippi at Mile 482.9.  The Rock Island Railroad bridge had just opened and Nellie was just about to enter the lock ( you can see the lock gate just forward of the bridge).  The lift is usually 14', but with the recent flooding, today's lift was only 6'.  The current above the lock was running a bit fast, 5-6 mph at times.  Nellie chugged along and arrived at the Isle of Capri Marina for the night.  

Friday, September 2, 2016