Thursday, September 28, 2017

Callisto 37VT19 Spotted in this Video

Callisto was spotted (play video) by Carl Reinhart while aboard his sailboat Bellamare.  The video was taken 24 September 2017 near Westport, NY.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Leaking Bomar Hatch Fix

Randy Miller, Hiaqua 37VT03

Leaking Bomar Hatches - We finally got tired of the leaking hatches which allowed significant volumes of water to enter the bilge. Courtesy of Raven 37VT04 and Excelsior 37VT01, Bomar hatch and fuel vent improvements solved two major issues:
Above deck Fuel Vent - was mounted centerline next to the aft door. Both port & starboard tanks were plumbed into the vent fabricated of 3/4" OD stainless hydraulic tube. NO MORE bending way over board trying to contain fuel in a burp tank which invariably fell off. The new vent coupled with last year's  rerouting of new vent lines with a continuous upward slope makes fueling a breeze.

Bomar Hatch drain system - The original outboard starboard side fuel vent was now converted to a water drain for both Bomar Hatches via a gutter system. Bomar hatch drain holes were drilled out and tapped to accept 1/8" NPT x 3/8" hose nipples. Short pieces of fuel line (ø3/8" x 5/8" OD) were used to feed into ø5/8" tubing attached to a 1x3x90" board mounted athwartship. This board was mounted as high as possible on the port side and then sloped 2.5o - 3o to starboard, to allow continuous draining to starboard and out the old starboard fuel vent. In conjunction to the drain system, a hollow clear silicon self stick tape weather seal (Frost King SS20CL, on Amazon) was attached towards the inside edge of the hatch which actually seals the hatches when dogged down. All excess water goes down the drain system and overboard!! Bomar hatches are now actually sealed and NO MORE water sneaking by and heading to the bilge! We never heard our main bilge pumps turn on all summer (the only bilge pump used was the Slurpee as needed). Silicon tube weather seal (3/8"w x 5/16"ht x 17ft, "D" shape tube) is found on Amazon Prime $5.71 per each hatch. Two 110V LED lights were installed with 3-way switches were installed centered on each Bomar hatch to illuminate the lazarett. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Electronic Upgrades

From Randy Miller, Hiaqua 37VT03

Solar Panels - Two 160 watt Grape Solar panels (Home Depot $200 ea) were installed atop the pilot house and connected to a Tracer BN 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with remote (EBay $180). We are happy to report after three continuous months of cruising Northern BC, we NEVER had to start our generator the entire summer and only connected to shore power ONCE at a marina to run power tools! Yahoo!! After converting all our lights to LED's, our main electrical draw is the refrigerator and pumps (4 water & 3 bilge). Our average evening and nighttime electrical draw is -3.0 Ah per hour (about -30 Ah per night). This seems to be a very manageable recovery for our solar panels, even on somewhat overcast days.

Airmar 220 Weather Station - was also installed atop the wheelhouse which makes it very helpful in tracking wind direction & speed, temperature and barometric temperature changes on our chart plotter.

NMEA 2000 Backbone - was installed, integrating all electronics into one computer connection. Really nice!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Salon Upgrade

From Randy Miller, Hiaqua 37VT03

New carpets and upholstery were just installed in the wheel house and salon. Salon upholstery includes a new "L" shaped settee along the aft wall. A forward to aft tapered cubby storage unit with a 13o back slope was built behind the back cushion along the port wall. Oriental carpet runners also made a huge improvement along with a custom profile runner in the wheel house. Two teak side chairs were also stripped, oiled and re-upholstered. 

Midwest Rendezvous Day #4

Trev, Steph & Ashley of Hjortie 37VT33
Very happy birthday wishes (even if a bit late) to both Steph and Trev.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hiaqua's 37VT03 Coffee/Mouse Table (CMT)

From Randy Miller

In preparation for the 2017 cruising season, Hiaqua tops off the list of new upgrades with a Wheel House CMT.  This 8"x 8" multi functional fold up and stowable table hooks under the lip of the wheel house seat edge trim and under the cushion. Table can be positioned anywhere across the seat and works great for morning lattes in the wheel house and as a mouse table while underway. We use Coastal Explorer via a computer based chart program which is then projected on a second fixed mounted 15" display monitor so the CMT is a perfect portable table to use while cruising seated with mouse & remote autopilot. 

Reversing the Stateroom Steps Handrail

Before and After on Jack Robert 37VT17
This simple 15 minute job flips the handrail 180°.  The major benefit of doing this is that it positions the handrail better to help someone going up the stairs. 
A second benefit is that it makes installing an underway floorboard easier.

The first step is to remove the bolt holding each end of the handrail.  The top bolt is accessible via the compartment underneath the helm station.  The lower bolt is in the engine room.  Next, rotate the handrail 180°.  Finally, reinstall the two bolts.

Midwest Rendezvous Day #2

Hjortie, Nellie D., Our Villa, Kedge & Jack Robert
While looking over the data that the US Government has on each tug's Document we noticed an interesting anomaly: our listed drafts vary from 4' to almost 7'.  This in turn affects the listed Net and Gross Tonnage.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hurricane Irma Update on Cruz-In

An update on Cruz-In 37VT74
Moored in Key West during Hurricane Irma
From Marty Raymond

A marina neighbor was able to board our boat this morning.  Happy to report
she looks pretty good. Some damage to port side rub rail and starboard side
paint.   Lines are pretty frayed.  Bilge is dry.  Pilot house looked okay
even after doors being open at some point during the hurricane.  

Of the six boats in our row -- two sank, one broke out of her slip and
ended up in the transient slip behind us on top of another boat, another
had major damage including broken windows while our boat and one other had
minor damage.  The damage in the marina is significant.   Many boats sunk.
One boat from a mooring ball in Boca Chica was found just outside of FT
Lauderdale.  It may be three months before power is restored. 

Jay will be flying down next week with new lines to inspect the boat and
contact insurance company if need be.  He is hoping to stay on the boat.  
There is no water, power or sewers.   Not sure how he will manage but ...

I am sure Jay will take lots of pictures.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Day #1 of the Midwest Rendezvous

Kedge, Jack Robert, Our Villa & Hjortie
The tugs raft-up for lunch at the confluence of the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Minots Light in 2015

Taken from an email received from Dan Stroeing

In the Summer of 2015 Minots Light 37VT53 was the safety boat for the Race2AK race.  This 750 mile race is from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska.  The R2AK race organizers' claim, "No motors.  No rules.  No support."  The next race is scheduled for June 14, 2018 with a first place prize of $10,000.  Dan indicated that one individual used a stand up paddle board to cross the Juan de Fuca Channel in the 2015 race.  Sounds crazy!

Minots Light in Victoria BC 3015 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Irma Preparations

The following is from John Mackie, John William 37VT68.  John and Sue live on Merritt Island, FL (near Cape Canaveral).

JW all trussed up and locked down.
2 anchors, an oak tree and deadman on the bow.
2 anchors, a deadman and one dock piling on stern and 3 breast lines to the dock and the insurance is paid.
Looks like winds will be less than predicted for us.
Will get some video and keep you updated.

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Friday, September 8, 2017