Monday, October 28, 2019

Fram 37VT71 goes to Newfoundland

Fram made it to Newfoundland for two weeks in September.  Plan now for  Fram is to cruise back to Belfast, Maine in June 2020.  Labrador and even more distant Greenland loom out there, beyond Newfoundland, but we probably will resist. 

We discovered the new PredictWind app this past season, and it is now my trusty tool for cruise planning.  It gives you about 1-2 days of predicted wave height and direction   Used it to decide when to make the 92 nm crossing from Cape Breton to Newfoundland.  

Roger Lee
Fram 37VT71

Jack Robert 37VT17 In the News

Surprising Connections: Travelers Dee and Lee Anderson Make Historical
Connection While Visiting Muscatine

By Margaret Stadtwald (Muscatine Journal)

In April of this year, Dee and Lee Anderson, retired and started making
plans to sail the length of the Mighty Mississippi. Boaters since the
1980s, the couple arranged to travel down the river starting from their
home port near Lake City, Minnesota, on their Lord Nelson Victory Tug, the
Jack Robert (which they named for their fathers).

As the Andersons traveled down the river, they learned that Lock and Dam
Seventeen had closed on October 13th due to flooding. Looking for a place
to stay while they waited for the water to recede, they discovered the
Muscatine Marina and chose to harbor there. Though not listed in their
travel literature, they found the marina the perfect place to dock. "This
is a great little Marina with great access to the waterfront," stated Lee.

Since the two had plenty of time to explore Muscatine, the Andersons went
into downtown to see some of the sights. Of particular interest, they
visited the National Pearl Button Museum @ History and Industry Center,
where Museum Director Terry Eagle gave them a guided tour.

While learning about the pearl button industry in Muscatine, the Andersons
discovered a surprising connection to their hometown. Back in Lake City,
the pair had seen the Lake Pepin Pearl Button Company (now an antique store
with some historical displays). They assumed it had created buttons
locally, but never investigated it. However, through their talk with Eagle,
they learned that the factory actually harvested clams locally and cut out
blanks, which they shipped down the river to Muscatine for finishing. Both
Dee and Lee felt amazed to find this link with their home, as well as the
larger history it contributed to. As Lee put it, "This town has a great
history . . .. It's as big as the gold rush!"

Along with diving into Muscatine's history, the Andersons also had several
chances to check on Muscatine's restaurant scene. The two met Mike "Boonie"
Kleist who treated them to dinner at his son's new establishment, Skinny's
Barbeque, as well as drinks at Wine Nutz on their back porch, which Lee
described as having a view worthy of a post card picture. Always looking to
try something new, the Andersons have also gotten meals from Boonie's
itself, as well as Elly's Tea and Coffee and Mamma Mia, an Italian restaurant.

Though the Anderson's never dreamed of stopping in Muscatine, their
unexpected trip has proved a truly enjoyable outing for them. "This is a
wonderful town," said Dee. "The . . . people are so welcoming and anxious
to help."

While their visit came to an end at the end of last week when the flood
waters receded, the Andersons will never forget their stop in Muscatine. As
they continue down the river, they look forward to running into more new


Tug Spotting 49VT08

From: Randy Miller, Hiaqua 37VT03

Tug sighting Aug 8, in the Octopus Islands, BC by Hiaqua. Marcus Clark on
Manito 49VT08,
Vancouver, BC.