Friday, April 3, 2015

Victory 37VT02 gets a new mast (Tuggers Vol. 63)

Submitted by Bob Allnutt, Victory 37VT02

It is wonderful to be getting warmer weather; yesterday I painted the aluminum mast that I made for Victory. I applied Interlux Primekote and will apply Interlux Perfection for a top coat. My compressor is not big enough to paint with so I am using a HVLP spraying system that does a fair job. The first coat has some orange peal; I may not have thinned it enough. As the weather permits, I'll apply an additional prime coat and top with Perfection.  

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  1. An updated note from Bob Allnutt, Victory 37VT02
    When Victory's mast needed to be replaced it was the perfect excuse to use my newly acquired welding equipment. Here's a brief outline of how I created a new mast.

    The mast is made from 12 ft. X 3.5 OD schedule 40 aluminum pipe.
    Painted with Interlux Primekote and Perfection epoxy.
    All aluminum parts were sanded with 150 grit sandpaper and all were washed with vinegar.
    Two coats of Primekote, sprayed with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun.
    Three coats of Perfection, sprayed with HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) spray gun.
    The aluminum pipe’s OD was less than the ID of the original stainless steel fitting that came with the boat; I increased the OD of the aluminum to match the ID of the fitting by wrapping the aluminum pipe with fiberglass cloth wetted with resin. The mast was tapped for machine screws (3) to secure it in place.
    The original fitting for the boom was attached to the mast with 2 inch wood screws that secured it to the 18 inch oak cylinder that fits into the ID of the mast. The hinge plates (140mmx140mmx10mm) are also attached to oak cylinders (top and bottom) with 2 inch wood screws; the cylinders have a ¾ inch hole through the center for electrical wiring.
    The top plate (140mmx140mmx10mm) is also attached to 18 inch / 4.57cm oak cylinder which is secured to the mast with 2 inch wood screws, the top plate holds the anchor light, and LED side lights, and the standing rigging.
    The stack was removed to install a winch with a backing plate and hardware for lowering the mast.
    I made the hinge, it would have been easier to mill the aluminum plates to accommodate a stainless steel hinge – I don't have a milling machine.