Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hiaqua 37VT03 Cruising Update

Alexander Inlet - evening
Hiaqua has been cruising the west coast of Princess Royal Island, Northern BC, in and out of inlets and coves in search of the illusive Spirit Bear (White Grizzly Bear), without much luck. After talking with others, seeing a Spirit Bear is like winning the lottery. We have seen many beautiful places but no bears of any kind….not even any deer. However, there have been an abundance of eagles, so we have been entertaining ourselves by baiting eagles with rockfish carcasses resulting in some amazing eagle shots. More fun than fishing!
Leaving the native village of Klemtu, we headed off up beautiful Alexander Inlet for the night. After transiting Meyers Narrows we forged on up Laredo Inlet staying at places like: Quigley Creek Cove, Alston Cove and Bay of Plenty. Kent and Emily Carr Inlets were also spectacular with waterfalls, little islets and coves to explore. Many of these anchorages have had tight entries with tidal dependent depth and inaccurate charting which makes for interesting cruising. We have seen very few boaters, having almost all anchorages all to ourselves. After Princess Royal Isl, we moved further westward into Evestevan Sound along the west side of Campania Isl (the Outside Passage) where we have been hunkered down in McMinking Inlet for the last four days dealing with some gale force winds passing through.

Rockfish for dinner
Safe cruising,
Randy Miller & Yvonne Bates
Hiaqua #3

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