Wednesday, August 26, 2015

West Coast Rendezvous

August 13, 2015
Nine LNVTs, 6 37s, 1 41, and 2 49s, convened in Port Orchard, WA to begin the 2015 West Coast Rendezvous. 
The event was organized by Mike Dunn, 41LNVT2. For his diligence, he was presented with an autographed photo of a grateful Admiral Nelson.
Photo Caption: The Admiral, obviously happy that his quill pen held out while signing the photo.
 Kim Shann, far left (in pink) provided a distaff perspective during Tug Talk, lead by the admiral disguised as President Dave Howell.
More recipients of the coveted photograph: L-R: Kim and Ted Shann, Ken Smith, Mike Dunn, Macy Galbreath, Dave Howell, Bob White and Tom Blackwood.
Meanwhile, back at the dock, the bears aboard the Shann's tug kept watch over the fleet. Note bear wearing cap in the far left lower portion of the pilothouse window.
Sunday, August 15: the tugs enjoyed a little formation cruising.
Former aerial formation photographer Tom Blackwood, aka Captain of Thistle Dew, came out of retirement, applied his aerial expertise to aqueous environs and directed the tugs as they tiptoed across the waters to Poulsbo.

 Tom's wife Janis, aka Charlie, provided support.
Once tied up at the dock in Poulsbo, Bicki Howell checked for proper lineup.
 She then joined Ken Smith, Macy Galbreath, and Husband-Admiral-President Dave for dinner aboard Polar Mist.
 And the trusty tugs took a break and settled in for the night.
*** THE END ***

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Alaska adventure on Hiaqua (Tuggers Vol. 64)

We're doing great and so is Hiaqua. Just pulled into Juneau. Starting to head south.
Randy & Yvonne