Monday, December 7, 2020

Boarding Ladder Extension

I took the boarding ladder to a local welding shop to make a folding 2 step extension.  I then attached a retrieval cord and created a velcro latch to hold it closed while in the engine room.  I have not had a chance to test it out but this will mean we have 3 full steps in the water.  Even an old man like me will be able to re-board, problem solved.  

The total bill was just under $500 for material and labor and it took 10 ft of SS tubing.

Greg Whitaker, Julie B. 37VT63

Saturday, December 5, 2020

A Tugger's Monk Adventure

John Niccolls, ex-Knock Off 37VT66, on the flying bridge of his new Monk 36.  Just delivered Mary Alyce from Great Bridge, Virginia to her new homeport of Herrington Harbor South, MD. 


The flying bridge was abandoned when the sun and the temperatures fell.  But operations continued smoothly at the lower steering station throughout the night.  The radar proved invaluable for avoiding the abundant commercial traffic.  The 150 mile, 18 hour trip came to a successful conclusion at 0400 hrs.  How often can a skipper say he's got more night hours on his boat than day hours?

Making a tug...

Peter van Dommelen, Lord Nelson 37VT70 is now building his own 37 LNVT... model.

On a larger scale, Stefano Ferrarese, ( just joined the Association and is interested in building a 49.