Wednesday, July 22, 2020

PNW Cruising During Covid

Fresh crab cakes in Parks Bay

Hiaqua departed Hunter Bay after two days of very productive crabbing.  On to Friday Hbr for supplies before a couple of days in Parks Bay. 

FYI- Friday Hbr will take reservations but only operating at 50% capacity. It was a little tricky getting in and out for a short stay. 

Roche Hbr also operating at 50%, but is not taking reservations for the rest of the season. First come first serve once you arrive to get on a waiting list (preferably around 8am). Crazy!

We are wandering around the San Juan’s for another couple of weeks until we get tired.  Mostly to anchorages without land access (Hunter, Parks Bay,  Garrison, Prevost Hbr, Massacre Bay,  etc).  According to our yacht club report, Sucia is a zoo (crawling with campers & boats).  We did have a dingy happy hour with some club members which worked out good for distancing and socializing (4-5 dinghies tied off to a boat & BYOB). 

Weather is not real stable (like stalled out high pressure from the north for weeks).  It alternates from the north for a couple of days, then switches to the south for a few. No concrete plans. San Juan’s are pretty small.  Just great hanging out on the water, kayaking, crabbing etc! Look us up on Marine Traffic if they can find us or text at 360.420.5523

Randy & Yvonne 
Hiaqua 37VT03

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Update from Hiaqua 37VT03

We're just getting ready for breakfast....a limit of 5 crab (plus 12 keepers & 3 shakers I threw back).  Tough morning!


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A mini reunion in Camden ME.

After a 14 day Covid isolation the crews of Sally W. 37VT42 and Salty Paws' 37VT66 can finally get together in Camden, ME.