Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Anacortes, WA Rendezvous
18, 19, 20 July 2021
Cap Sante Marina

LNVT Math: What is 17 + 7? 

Answer: 24 boats being represented at the rendezvous.

17 boats will be clustered together on the docks and 7 additional will be represented by their crew sans boat.

What is 20? Answer: the number of days away until the rendezvous

Looks like we are on our way for the biggest Victory Tug rendezvous yet. How exciting!!

Here's the slip assignment line up. It's going to be grand.

C 37 POLAR MIST 49' LNVT Ken Smith
Pat Smith

C 35 SOUNDER 49' LNVT Bob Windecker
Sally Windecker

C 33 CAROLINA 41' LNVT Jose' Sousa
Ashikin Van-Noor

C 31 WALLY 41' LNVT Mike Dunn

C 58 C'EST SI BON 37' LNVT Craig Kurath

C 56 EIGHT BELLS 37' LNVT Tim Bates
Susan Hamilton

C 54 TUG E. BEAR 37' LNVT Mike McCoy
Sona McCoy

C 52 MINOTS LIGHT 37' LNVT Mike Heckinger
Kris Easterday

C 50 LADY 37' LNVT Bill Rothert
Macy Galbreath

C 48 PET TUG 37' LNVT Lou Steplock
Dick Behan ( 37' LNVT ANNIE )

C 46 RANGER 37' LNVT Dick Moxon Docking Captain VHF 71
Dora Moxon

C 44 HIAQUA 37' LNVT Randy Miller
Yvonne Bates

C 42 THISTLE DEW 37' LNVT Tom Blackwood Coordinator
Janis Bialko Coordinator

C 40 RAVEN 37' LNVT Mike Lawrence
Barb Lawrence

C 36 BRIGADOON 37' LNVT Dale Hugdahl
Diane Hugdahl

C 22 SEA HORSE 41' LNVT Brent Bierbaum
Peggy Ann Bierbaum

C 20 HYKWA 45' Joe Payne
Laurie Payne

C 29 Party Barge

Arriving boatless in Anacortes:


NELLIE D. Dave Howell
Vicki Howell

EQUINOX Bruce Elliot
Margrit Elliot

BRAVE DUCK Phil de l'Etoile
Nancy de l'Etoile

TUG E. BEAR Ted Shann
Kim Shann

SEEKER Kim Nelson

Sunday the 18th 

Docking and Check-in starts at 1:00 PM.  Potluck supper on the party barge about 5:00 PM.

Monday 19th

Tug Talk on the barge at 9:00 AM coffee & cakes provided.  Lunch on your own dock activities to follow.
Awards dinner at the Blackwood's. Dinner provided.

Tuesday 20th 8:30

 AM coffee on the dock. Potluck breakfast.  Departures complete before 12:00 Noon

Sunday, June 6, 2021

45 Days to go....LAST CALL

Lord   Nelson  Victory  Tug
Anacortes, WA Rendezvous
45 Days to go…
Ahoy, All Skippers and Crew,
The response has been overwhelming.   The marina originally set aside 9 slips for our rendezvous and we are now at 15 boats arriving and 5 more boats being represented with those arriving by land yacht.  The Port of Anacortes has bent over backwards to make adjustments to keep the grouping as close together as possible and I think you will be pleased with how it has turned out.  Just the same, let me invite you now to add your name and boat to the fleet in attendance. 
So, for those that have been waiting to see, its:  "LAST CALL"  Get your name in.
We'll make up some name tags and also have a few bites to eat so please send:

                        Crew Names and number of hungry souls.

                           To your 2021 hosts:     Tom Blackwood & Janis Bialko      Thistle  Dew

Where:  Cap Sante Marina    Anacortes, Washington

When:   18, 19, 20 July    Arrival after 1:00 PM  Departure before 12:00 Noon