Monday, April 26, 2021

On the move...

Nelson's Victory 49VT06 is on the move.  She'll shortly leave Ft Pierce, Florida, where's she's been on the hard and work here way north to her new home in Remlik, VA.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

2021 LNVT Rendezvous - Anacortes

Date: April 25, 2021 00:01:31
Subject: 2021 LNVT Rendezvous - Anacortes

On Again…..Off Again…..On Again……postponed …. and now, YES we are ON AGAIN!!
The time has come for the 2021 LNVT Rendezvous.  The place is the same and the boats are the same and the crews, well, we'll be welcoming some new ones.  Hooray for that.  And, best of all, we get to see each other again.  Here are the details.
The location is Cap Sante Marina in beautiful Anacortes, Washington. Our first official day is Sunday July 18th and check in starts at 1:00 PM. As best we can, we will assign slips prior to your arrival so if you have some special needs, let me know.  To greet you and help you into your slip, look for our newest captain and crew Dick and Dora Doxon aboard Ranger (36).  They have graciously volunteered to be on site early to help us kick off the rendezvous.  Try a call on VHF 16 and/or VHF 72 to hail "Victory Fleet" to give us a heads up on your pending arrival.  We'll have a party float in one of the slips so dinner will be potluck on the dock.  Tug Talk will be Monday morning with coffee and Danish.  There will be a couple of fun activities during the day then, in the late afternoon we will shuttle out to the Blackwood/Bialko house and have a backyard get together there, providing a banquet awards dinner and drinks in hand to watch the sun dip to the horizon; then back to the boats to close the day.  Tuesday July 20th will start with a little semi-potluck breakfast spread and coffee on the dock with check out completed by 12:00 noon.
The Port of Anacortes has given us eleven premier berthing slips all together on the C Dock.  Your point of contact for making your marina reservation and slip assignment is Tom Blackwood or (206) 769-7648.  Please provide your best phone contact and your estimated arrival and departure date.  All are welcome to join in.  So, for those that will be attending without a tug, be you an owner, past owner, wannabe or enthusiast, let us know you are coming.  It's important.  So far there is no out cruise planned, however, my bet is that Tuesday night will find a gaggle of tugs tucked in somewhere amongst the San Juans. 
For those coming by land or all the way from the distant shores of the Great Lakes, Mississippi or Eastern Seaboard there is plenty of lodging in town.  For all of us, the Safeway grocery store is across the street, downtown stores are open (still need masks) and restaurants are operating at 50% capacity.  Quite doable.  Should you have a need to contact the marina, our point of contact is Amanda Flierl (360) 293-0694.  The price of diesel at the marina is currently: <100 gallons $2.96, with tax $3.22;    >100 gallons $2.88, with tax $3.13.
Shake off those barnacles and we'll see you real soon.
Toot Tooooooooooooot,
Tom & Janis    Thistle Dew