Saturday, March 31, 2018

Cummins Transmission Oil Cooler

Seakamp 212144 Marine Oil Cooler 2"x12" Body 1/2" NPT and 1-1/4" Hose 

The Cummins' transmission oil cooler doesn't have a zinc and is subject to corrosion.  Nellie's had corroded badly (I could see daylight through the metal) under the the raw-water hose attachment point.  It's a good idea to visually inspect the exchanger every three to five years.

Replacement exchangers are available from for $110.09 (March 2018).

Cummins Engine Mounts

Over the years several engine mount failures have occurred in the Cummins-equipped LNVT fleet.  Here are some of the details and a fix for the problem.

Tripod front engine mount

Hulls 37VT31 and 37VT33 through 37VT76 were factory equipped with the Cummins 4BT-3.9M engine.   The tripod engine mount was standard equipment until mid 1987. Starting with Georgia J. 37VT65 Cummins switched to a conventional four point mount. The tripod mount subjects the engine's two rear mounting bolts to larger loads.  In fact, the LNVT fleet has experienced several bolt failures. Some skippers have converted their tugs from the tripod to a conventional four point mount.

At this point  Allan Seymour, Sally W. 37VT42, who converted his mount, picks up the story.

 "... the mechanic installed new engine mounts all around, front and rear.  It was a little expensive but well worth it in my opinion because it has never been so smooth and quiet."

"You will need to get the front engine parts [vibration isolators] from Cummins.   Then fabricate the part that the mounts bolt to and connects to the engine bed/rails."

"Discard the a A frame mount on the front. Hope this and the pics explain this.  Don't hesitate to ask for more."

Allan Seymour