Friday, May 28, 2021

No Glassing Today

John Mackie is adding bilge Keels/roll chocks to John William 37VT68. He reports the glassing project is on hold due to 45 degrees and rain.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Adding Bilge Keels to John William 37VT68

Starboard side ready for glassing in place. Port side cut and ready for glass. Will be transferring layout shortly. Worst part was grinding off bottom paint and barrier coat. Hope to be complete by next weekend .

Big job for one person but I will manage. It took me 4 days to get this far.

John Mackie, John William 37VT68

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Anacortes Rendezvous Dates


NOTAM    NOTAM    Notice to Mariners

Correction to the dates.   My whoops.   Sorry.

The correct dates for the July Anacortes LNVT Rendezvous are:

        Sunday  18th
        Monday  19th
         Tuesday  20th

Thanks to Dick Moxon on Ranger for his keen eye on picking up the error.  Good job Captain!

Tom Blackwood

Thistle  Dew

Anacortes Rendezvous

Lord Nelson Victory Tug

Anacortes, WA Rendezvous

60 days to go....

Ahoy, All Skippers and Crew

       Summer is coming and so are some good times on the docks at Anacortes.  Be sure to let me know your intentions for attendance.  The dates are Sunday through Tuesday, 17, 18 & 19 July and we will be at Cap Sante in downtown Anacortes, WA.  Most all of the activities will be outdoors which should offer some continued support of social distancing even when masks are off if vaccinated.

    So far, the for sures are:

            C'EST SI BON
            PET TUG
            TUG E. BEAR
            MINOTS LIGHT
            THISTLE  DEW
            EIGHT BELLS
            POLAR MIST
            BRIGADOON  (if Canada closed)

    Give me a shout with your best phone number and names of your crew and we will put you on this list and save a slip.  

            Some of the land travelers we hope to see include:  Dave & Vicki Howell (Nellie D), Alice Morris (Guinea Rider) Bruce & Margit Elliot (Equinox), Phil & Nancy de l'Etoile (Brave Duck) and Kim Nelson.

NOTAM:  Notice to Mariners

                    Those of us in Washington, remember to renew your boat registration before June 30