Sunday, July 30, 2017

East Coast Rendezvous 2017

Lord Nelson Victory Tugs gathered for the tenth east coast gathering in Fairhaven, MA. The Fairhaven Shipyard's marina is home to two LNVTs, Neptune and LaSalle. Salty Paws, Sally W, Tugnacious, and Victorious brought the count to six. Crews from six other tugs, plus past owners and family and friends of hosts John and Ellen Isaksen, LNVT Neptune #37 brought the body count close to 40.

Hosts Ellen and John Isaksen

The Isaksens put together a great variety of activities which included tours of the harbor, a scallop boat, and a guided walk of the historic area, meals featuring local favorites, and of course, ongoing tug talk. 

"So good to see you again."
Something new this year was planned arrivals on Thursday to give everyone two solid days to enjoy the event before departures on Sunday. It worked well.

John Mackie and Dave Howell 

John Mackie and Dave Howell compared notes on their recent trips. The Mackies spent three months in the Bahamas. The Howells are in their second year of cruising the Great Loop in reverse. They began in Ft. Myers, FL in 2016 and have made it to the top of Lake Michigan.

Jeanne Koenig

The Isaksen family ensured that no one was ever hungry. Menus of local fare included sea scallops, clam chowder, Portugese pulled pork sandwiches, and sweets featuring local favorites such as Butter Almond Bars, cookies, cakes and pastries. All were homemade on the spot. 

Saturday morning's Tug Talk was held in one of the shipyard's buildings called "The Big Shed." People shared a variety of interesting stories from voyages to composting toilets.

And Tug Talk continued throughout the event with everyone inspecting all the boats. Bob Allnutt admired the shiny brass aboard Neptune.

Tug talk aboard Victorious: L-R: Bob Allnutt, Jeanne Koenig, Bob Ewing and Sue Mackie

Harbor tours were conducted aboard Neptune. The NewBedford/Fairhaven Harbor is home to the largest fishing fleet in New England.

A local historian conducted a walking tour of Fairhaven, highlighting several buildings donated to the town by a financier who grew up there. Henry Huddleston Rogers built the town hall, library, high school and Unitarian Church, each in a separate and distinctive architectural style.

The Isaksens were thanked by Dave and Bicki Howell for the very successful event. The Isaksen's children Randi and Mark, and cousins Arne, Gail and Max also worked tirelessly.

The happy group gathered on the final night for a photo record of the event.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tug Differences: Wheelhouse Windows

A new tug difference was just spotted: the size of the windows behind the wheelhouse seat.  Thistle Dew 37VT46's are 31" x 13" while C'est Si Bon 37VT38's are 31" x 14".  The one inch difference looks even more dramatic in the picture above.

Spotted: Denny G. 37VT01

Just sold, Excelsior 36VT01 has a new owner and has been renamed Denny G.  Here she is today in Flounder Bay, just south of Anacortes, Washington.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


It's not very often we get an LNVT action shot!  That is Sally W 37VT42 on Lake Champlain handling the rough seas with ease.  28 knot winds, seas 1-3 foot and those freeing ports work exactly as Jim Backus designed!  

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tug Spotting

Saltwater Joys 37VT12 is in the water and now on her new mooring in Grand Lake.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Special Birthday

From Mike Dunn, Wally 41VT02

My granddaughter turned 9 yesterday, they are out on Wally for the weekend. They spelled NLC with the signal flags for Neve Carter.

Buddy Boating

Sally W 37VT42 buddy boating with Callisto 37VT19. Pictured are Keefer and Bill Irwin with Allan Seymour aboard Callisto. [photos by Sally Seymour]