Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cummins Turbo Gasket Leaking Coolant

When Nellie's turbo gasket started leaking coolant last month I tried to stem the flow by tightening the turbo's four mounting bolts.  When that didn't work a new gasket was installed.  Now the new gasket has a little leak.  John Niccolls, ex-Knock Off 37VT66 mentioned that his turbo gasket had leaked and been replaced too.  I suspect that others may have the same problem.
Proper gasket installation is critical and the Cummin's Service Manual gives it short shrift.  Enter Tony's Tip's (Seaboard Marine) to save the day.  If you haven't read Tony before I highly recommend him.  He's been in the boat business for a long time and takes a no nonsense approach. 
Here's Tony's advice on installing the turbo gasket. 

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