Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sedna's 37VT02 Operations Manual

From Larry Motschenbacher:
I thought I would send along a copy of a little manual I started writing when I originally bought Sedna.  I spent years in engineering for Alkalies Pipeline, and before that had been a pilot and flight instructor in Alaska.  Creating a manual was sort of an automatic response for me.  I had never attempted a manual for a boat and was new to larger boats but I tried to be as complete and and accurate as I could.  Also, I learned a lot  about Sedna while preparing the manual.
I wanted to share it with others in hopes it might serve as a possible starting point for other Lord Nelson owners.  I suspect there are enough differences between individual Lord Nelsons to make the effort a worthwhile
and learning exercise.
Anyway, if you see any value in it, please feel free to pass the attached copy of the Sedna O&M Manual on to other Lord Nelson owners who might be interested in having a copy. If you do, please caution others that this information may NOT be correct on their boat and they should verify each point on their own.

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