Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome Aboard New Owners Patty and Bob Raichle, Mary K 49VT02

My wife and I bought the Mary K from Ed and Kathy Smith in August.  She is now docked at the Skyline marina in Anacortes.

We had quite an adventure coming up the coast [in early September]. Our calm waters turned nasty about half way between Westport and the Straits. We encounter 25kt winds and pretty rough seas, all in the dark of night. But the Mary K plugged along and none of us got seasick. So all was good. However, about 2 hours past Cape Flattery the exhaust elbow developed a bad crack and we filled the engine room with exhaust. We had to be towed to Port Townsend (had BoatUS insurance).

The second biggest problem was filthy fuel tanks. The rough waters churned up all the crud in the tanks. In anticipation of that very problem I tried to get the boatyard in Scappoose OR to clean them but they failed. In two weeks I will have inspection ports installed and really clean the tanks.

Bob & Patty Raichle

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