Saturday, November 1, 2014

Midwest Hospitality (Tuggers Vol. 61)

The Midwest Rendezvous was hosted by Trevor and Stephanie Croteau, Hjortie #33.  This is the second year for this gathering and like last year it was held at the St Croix Yacht Club in Hudson, WI.   The weekend always seems to start a bit early with a few of the boats cruising up the Mississippi together to attend the event.  The weather couldn't have been better.  Four  tugs, ten owners, and Lord Nelson sailboat owners  Chuck and Terri Jakway, Aria 41LN18, were in attendance.  Everyone was especially excited to meet and talk with special guest Tommy Chen (Lord Nelson Yachts builder and designer) who also attended.

The events were informal with pot lock meals and social gatherings at the Yacht Club.  There was time to tour the boats, discuss everything related to Victory Tugs and even a chance for a bit of shopping in town.  On Saturday the boats cast off their dock lines to take a little scenic luncheon cruise down the St Croix.  Everyone, including the other boats on the river seemed to enjoy the outing.  The big event of the weekend was a dinner cruise where we were treated to a fabulous meal and an evening tour of the lights along the river.  

Thanks Trevor and Stephanie for the hospitality and for putting together such a fun event.  We all hope you are willing to host a third gathering! 

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