Saturday, November 1, 2014

Profiles: Mike and Barb Lawrence, Raven 37VT04 (Tuggers Vol. 61)

By Phil de l’Etoile, Brave Duck 37VT67

Mike and Barb were sailors for over 20 years up in the Pacific Northwest, but in the process of moving up from a 30' racer, they decided to go motor because a larger sailboat might be hard to handle with no crew.
While at the yard in Anacortes, WA, Barb spotted a sales flyer for Raven.  They both immediately wanted that LNVT, which was in very, very, good shape. But the price wasn't quite right, and negotiations went on and off for about a year.  But then things suddenly went very quiet.
A year after the first viewing, they decided to sell the sailboat and they approached the same broker who was handling Raven.  But now, the seller had been asking if "those folks" (Barb and Mike) were still interested, and in the end they all struck a deal.
Mike and Barb live in Arlington, WA and keep the boat in Everett, WA, about ½ hour from home.  As previously mentioned, Raven was in great shape, but Barb and Mike decided to take "clean and shiny" to a new level, so now it's a wonder anyone coming to the West Coast Rendezvousies (sic) are willing to park next to them.  From all of the teak and brass, to the spotless bilge, inside and out, the brightwork is perfect.

Oh, not to mention LED lights and light strips all over the place. I followed Mike's example and put a Costco motion detecting LED light inside the refrigerator, and now whenever my wife, Nancy, opens the fridge I hear "Ooh."  It was the cheapest upgrade I ever made.  Thanks Mike.

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