Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome Aboard! (Tuggers Vol. 61)

From Macy Galbreath, LNVT Vice President

How exciting – we have several tugs that have changed hands this quarter so there are three new owners plus a number of enthusiasts/wannabees to welcome…
Barbara Horwick and Thomas Stracener of Seattle, WA recently purchased hull #55 formerly Ecco Domani and named her Hardtack.  They are new to tug boating and the LNVT world.  Hardtack will be kept in Port Angles.
Yvonne Bates and Randy Miller recently purchased Hiaqua #3.  Yvonne is a retired pharmacist and he is an industrial designer. They live in West Seattle but will keep Hiaqua in Anacortes,WA.  Besides sailing/boating they enjoy international cycling trips.
Congratulations to Ron Davis and Peggy Dunn (Richmond, ME) who brought their tug #48 Brendan Luck (formerly After All) from Rhode Island to her new winter home in Maine several weeks ago.  They love the boat and look forward to caring for her and exploring the Maine waters.  
Al and Diane Robichaud own a cranberry farm and are from Acushnet, MA.  They have spent many hours aboard Neptune #35 with the Isaksens and are now looking to purchase their own tug.   They also attended the East Coast Rendezvous this year and enjoyed meeting other owners.  We look forward to when we can welcome them as owners.

David Rubbo and Rita Pappaconstantinou are from Brant Rock, MA and David writes that he is actively looking for a 37' tug.  There are still some good ones out there so we hope to see David as a new owner soon.
Another wannabee is Andrew Gratz from Dennisville, NJ.  We look forward to hearing more from him.
Peter LeBeau from Pembroke, MA has joined us as a wannabee.  There seems to be a trend here as we have three wannabees in this list from Massachusetts!  

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