Thursday, October 1, 2015

Northward Rendezvous (Tuggers Vol 65)

Northwest LNVT Rendezvous
Tom Blackwood, Thistle Dew 37VT42

T'was another family gathering up here in the Northwest.  Tugs from the "Bottom of the Sound", Olympia, heading north and tugs leaving Canadian cruises heading south while still others left their home ports all to converge on Port Orchard.  Some came alone while others joined up along to way to come in groups, looking real smart as they did.  Even as far away as Vermont didn't keep some back as Sally and Allan of Sally W joined us.  As has happened a few times before, former LNVT tug owners that sold their tug and moved on to other hulls, couldn't resist and brought their new boat to join in as well.  There is something magic going on here and we sure like it.   This time it was another Jim Backus designed hull.  As with any family gathering, should one have a birthday there will be cake and candles and so it was as we celebrated our Commodorable Bicki Howell's birthday....29th I think.  

From boat to boat, boarding parties roamed; from boat to boat, happy hours and impromptu meals were a happening and at night, the oils burned long as there was just not enough time to say, do, visit and see all that we wanted.  A couple of highlights included the arrival of Erik Teevin with Excelsior hull #1 and the many exploratory tours that followed.  Thank you Erik for being so kind in letting us all poke, look and take pictures.  There have been a number of morphing changes over the years of production and it was a real treat to see where they all started.  Speaking of that, we also had builder Tommy Chen with us.  Here is a picture of him surrounded by some of his family.

Being in the Northwest we of course had some rain too. (Below: Looking out Pet Tug's 37VT60 window)

One of the special awards we have here is the Admiral Nelson award.  It consists of a full biography of Nelson accompanied by the hat of an admiral as well.....suitable for wearing while reading the book and, for certain, at all LNVT gatherings.  Look for our new admiral in your neighborhood soon as this year it was awarded to our illustrious Commodore Dave Howell by Macy Galbreath, our most recent tugger to be aboard the HMS Victory, for real!

It is not all fun games.  We did have a very informative presentation of nautical terms by Lou Steplock of Pet Tug and his able body assistant Phil de l'Etoile of Brave Duck 37VT67. Look closely and you too can advance your nautical lexicon.

The photo on the left shows a "tugboat".  That on the right shows a "tubgoat"  :-)
Our out sail took us an hour or so north to Poulsbo for another couple nights of myrth.  If you haven't attended one of your area rendezvous' you have really missed the boat.  Put the next one on your calendar and you will probably never want to miss another. 
See you there!
Tom Blackwood

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