Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just in from the New Owners of Cielito 37VT51

Philip Kramer, Cielito 37VT51
We got Cielito into the yard and then took off for a three week road trip with the little one. We're settling back into Seattle life now and it's good to be home.   We won't be renaming her and Seattle will be the home port. 

A big welcome aboard goes out to new owners Philip Kramer & Erin Gainey.

We're working on many small repairs and some tidying up of items that the survey picked up. Biggest adventure was an exploration of the salon walls for moisture/rot. No rot in the walls, some moisture but looks like it is condensation forming in the delaminated areas. The yard noted that the way the walls were constructed probably means it's been this way for many many years and they weren't concerned (nor surprised). They attempted to fill one large void with epoxy but quickly discovered the walls aren't sealed on the bottom when epoxy began running out. Not sure what the future holds for these voids - maybe we just all learn to get along?

We also rebedded some of the windows while exploring - the pilothouse windows were sealed poorly but all salon windows were well installed. What else - reorganizing our elecrical/battery/inverter setup and bringing it into the modern world, rebedded some deck screws that we think we're causing a small leak into the stateroom, and sealed the overhead hatches which were leaking, replaced the plywood under the sliding hatch cover on the topdeck. The engine also got a tuning up and several new hoses. Oh, and we discovered that our steering cable was barely hanging on, the crimps had come off one loop and the cable was on it's last strand of steel coming down from the helm (accessed from the shower).
As for salon windows we had a good test of their weather resistance with this last rainstorm in Seattle. A notable amount of water came through the forward window on the starboard side (one that had been rebeddded). It seems that at the right angle and volume, rain will fill the gutter faster than it can drain and overflows into the salon. Common issue? We also realized that we have all port oriented windows. So the starboard side has the outer layer of glass towards the aft deck which leaves the felt seal between the panes woefully exposed to any water coming from the front of the boat.
I could keep going but... :)

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