Monday, October 26, 2015

The Smith Brothers

From Allan and Sally Seymour

Ken and Craig Smith

We recently visited brothers Ken and Craig Smith aboard Craig's tug Rosebud 37LNVT#34 in Newport Beach, CA. Craig and wife Rosemary are original owners from 1985. He'll regale you with stories about buying the tug from Loren Hart.

Rosebud at the dock, neatly protected from the strong California sun.

Polar Mist waiting patiently for the fleet to join up for the cruise to Poulsbo, WA in August
Ken and wife Pat bought their tug, Polar Mist 49VT#7 in 1998. They are the second owners.

Here's yet another tug rendition in the neighborhood.

Warning! If you don't take care of your tug it could morph into a catamaran and be boarded by aliens. 

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